Our Mission

Twin Rivers Adult School is committed to providing our diverse community with opportunities to  achieve their personal, educational and vocational goals by becoming  more responsible and  productive members of society.  As such, our mission is to help students gain knowledge and skills  for employment, career advancement, and social responsibility.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete programs with Twin Rivers Adult School will be:

self-directed achievers

  • acquire learning skills and information continually for life and career.
  • start and finish every job

valued community members

  • use what they learn at home, at work, and for lifelong learning.
  • work well with people from other cultures

productive workers

  • are good workers and good neighbors
  • use technology as a tool for learning and living



We have a wide variety of classes that might be of interest to you.

Adult Secondary Education

  • Traditional and Independent Study High School Completion
  • Academic Test Preparation (GED)
  • Concurrent High School Credit Recovery

English as a Second Language

  • Literacy
  • Beginning Low
  • Beginning High
  • Intermediate
  • Citizenship Preparation Classes








Computer Classes

  • Computer  Literacy

                Microsoft Office Certificate programs: MS Word, MS Excel,

                MS Power Point, and MS Publisher

                Image Editing principles and software

                Working with sound and video

                Typing with  certificate

                Online resources for ESL learners

                Job search/ resume creating                      

Prerequisite: ESL level- Beginning High and up                                      


  • Basic Computer Literacy

                 Program: Operating System ( Windows)

                 Understanding hardware

                 Understanding hardware

                 Networking basics

                 Basic of Microsoft productivity software



                 Internet Security

                 Internet Search

                 Email and Online resources for ESL learners

Prerequisite: ESL level- Beginning High and up

Summer Classes

July 5, 2016  to July 28, 2016.

Online School

High School Students and Adults can now participate in a highly flexible and personalized credit recovery option.

Today: 10/24/16

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